Clifton Forge, VA
Client: Clifton Forge Little League
Construction Completed: Aug 2014
Recipient of the AIA Blue Ridge Award for Design Excellence, The 2015 Azure Magazine Student A+ Peoples Choice Award, and American-Architects Building of the Year 2016

The project consisted of a master plan and the design and realization of a fieldhouse for the Clifton Forge Little League in Clifton Forge, Virginia. The master plan outlined a phased approach in the development of the open site to better function for the little league and accommodate its growth.

The fieldhouse project is the first of two phases for the site. It marks the land as a linear incision that cuts alongside the existing baseball field and houses rest rooms, an open-air pavilion, and a concessions kitchen. A steel screen fans out across the entire building, ranging in density to create varying levels of intimacy. The fieldhouse is fissured into three elements to allow the site's circulation to weave its way in and around the occupied spaces.

White laminated glass bathes the interior spaces with even, natural light, while an open-air pavilion offers a cool repose overlooking the field. The pavilion steps toward the field with a series of grass seating terraces spilling out from it, inviting spectators to site and enjoy the game. In this rich, natural landscape, transparent forms and subtle details imbue the architecture with a peaceful presence in a whimsical atmosphere for community gatherings.

Student design team: Mitch August, Forrest Bibeau, Ellie Burns, Chanel Carter-Harris, Barbara Dior Kane, Mykayla Fernandes, Xiao Fu, John Iaconis, Kellen McGinley, Ryan Myers, Tom Powers, Nancy Redenius, Julia Vasquez, Molly Vaughan, Landon Williams